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The Club

Nestled in the heart of Miami Beach, LIV Miami nightclub redefines the nightlife experience. As one of the most iconic and revered nightclubs in the world, LIV offers an unparalleled blend of high-energy Vip entertainment, opulent design, and a renowned celebrity presence. This legendary venue, located within the historic Fontainebleau Hotel, spans over 18,000 square feet and boasts a lavish interior that merges contemporary chic with timeless elegance.

Liv Miami exclusive VIP tables and private skyboxes offer an intimate setting for those seeking a more secluded experience. With impeccable service and an extensive selection of premium spirits and champagne, LIV caters to the elite who demand the best in luxury and entertainment in Miami.

As you step into LIV, prepare yourself to be immersed in a sensory extravaganza. The club features state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, creating an immersive atmosphere that pulsates with energy, distribuited across several vip areas. Our cutting-edge audiovisuals and mesmerizing light shows set the stage for unforgettable nights.

At LIV, every night is a spectacle. Vip Tables here are the most coveted in town. We host world-class DJs and performers, making it the go-to destination for music lovers. From EDM to hip-hop, our lineup is diverse and ever-evolving, ensuring that every visit offers a fresh and exhilarating experience.

Whether you're dancing the night away on our sprawling dance floor, mingling with the who's who of the entertainment world, or simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere, LIV Miami promises a night of unmatched excitement and glamour

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